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Sitting in the Adirondack chairs in front of Mission Point, this is my happy place. We have been coming here since I was pregnant with my son.  Probably well before that too. I love the feel of the grass between my toes.  Watching the kids play boccie ball, flag football, and flying kites.  I stare out at the water, I feel calm, I am at peace, and my soul is joyful.  This is my happy place. It feels different this time.  A sense of urgency to get all my favorites in. I pray that I get many, many years to continue this annual trek.  But I worry.....what if this is my last?

Today an older lady asked me to take their family photo in the chairs.  We have taken this same photo with our kids since they were babies.  I love that they have the same sense of tradition.  When I went take the picture she had her grown children and her grandchildren. My heartaches in that moment. Will I get to meet my grand kids?  Will I be able to share Mackinac Island with my children and their spouses?  Right now I pray for high school graduations. I try not to get too ahead of myself.

I can't live in those places though. It steals my joy. It makes me super anxious for my future.  I take a walk to clear my head and end up in the gift shop. I see a journal, as I am flipping through, I land on a page with this passage. Be happy in the moment. That's enough. Each moment is all we need, NOT more. Thank you Lord. Just what I needed to read. Okay then, back at it. Choosing Joy. Living in the moment and creating memories. In my heart I know that if I am not around my children will share this special spot with their special people because they love it just as much as I do. Off we go to ride bikes and check out the view. God is with me.  With him I will not fail. Time on the island is magical as always. Memories made. Fun had.  As we leave on the ferry boat and I watch the island get smaller I can't help the tears that pour down my face.  As much as I choose joy and live happily in the moment.  There are still times when I lose my breath thinking of the future and praying that I will see Mackinac again next summer. Praying for more time with my family and friends. I hope that I beat the stats for metastatic breast cancer. Cancer sucks.

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