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About my Diagnosis

I know when I visit blogs I am looking for women like me. What is their type of breast cancer? How long have they been living with it? What treatments have they tried? So here are the stats but this is not my WHOLE story or defines who I am.  That is what this blog is about. How I am coping with a terminal disease; metastatic breast cancer, aka stage 4 breast cancer, aka advanced breast cancer, aka holy shit when am I going to die from this beast, aka I am going to punch cancer in the face.

The moment that changed the rest of my life:  October 13th, 2016

Once all the testing was complete (mammogram, biopsies, PET scan) the diagnosis was metastatic breast cancer. Invasive Ductile Carcinoma, triple positive (ER, PR and HER2) Spot in my right breast, 1 lymph node, spine T4 and liver. De Novo, which means from the beginning, anew. So I was stage four with my initial diagnosis.

First line of treatment: taxotere, herceptin and perjeta 8 rounds added in xgeva monthly.  Current regime H&P with tamoxifen, 1 injection of Lupron, Ovaries removed to decrease estrogen in my body, June 2017

As of last scan in October 2021, currently NEAD (no evidence of active disease)

If you have question about my journey so far please reach out. I would love to share and support!

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