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Photo Voice project from MDHHS

This is an 8 minute video of pictures and advice from breast cancer survivors and thrivers.

Photo voice project from MDHHS

This is a 7 minute video of pictures and advice from breast cancer survivors and thrivers.

Meet Katie Living with MBC

Heather Jose has a podcast about everything MBC. In this episode we talk about how we told our children about breast cancer and what to do or not do.

May 2021

Katie discusses her volunteerism for cancer patients and survivors

January 2021

Interviewed by Jennifer Fortuna for The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy.

October 13, 2020

Finding Joy in the Little Moments with Lara MacGregor of Hope scarves.

October 13, 2020

Portland Women Educating and Advocating as Stage 4 breast Cancer Patient

October 13, 2020

Update on my MBC story

January 30, 2020.

My testimony on Senate Bill 612, which works to reform prior authorization and step therapy practices in Michigan, in front of the Senate Health Policy Committee.

One of the Faces for the 2020 Campaign

Watch the video shared at the annual fundraiser for IBT.

October 11, 2019

Spotlight on MBC

September 2019 on the Lansing Capitol Steps

Shared my story before the American Cancer Society walk

August 26, 2019; Episode 2

Sharing my cancer story with Amanda Joy.

June 24, 2019

TV appearance. MBC Impact Series.

Spring 2019, Volume 14. Issue 1, Page 30

More for Stage IV the benefits of being Audacious

2017 Volume 2: Issue 3, page 56 & Volume 2: Issue 4: page 48 & 68.

Beautifully curated magazine for the women "too young" for breast cancer.

October 2017. Page 10

Read about my experience with reflexology.

Spring and Fall 2017

This was an Art Prize 2017 installation with Happy Henna providing beautiful henna crowns to women of all ages going through cancer treatment. Photography was provided by Dave Burgess of 616 photography and make up by Jessica Renusson. Watch a You Tube video of Art Prize.

October 2017

Face of Hope

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