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They lost their battle with cancer. Nope. Just No. This is a trigger for me.

It kind of makes me cranky and I get a bit snippy. But maybe you don't know what to say if you never lived with a terminal illness. So here is my take. I will admit this has evolved from how I felt initially diagnosed, until now. And it could change tomorrow. I am only human.

Why make death pretty? It sucks. I am not in a battle. Cancer happened. I can't kick it's ass. I can't punch it in the face. I can live my best life until I die. That is what will happen. I will die. Don't say that I lost my battle. That implies that I had some sort of choice. I am not at war. I am living with cancer. And then I won't be. I will die. I will go to heaven. I will haunt you.  No, just kidding......

I will not have lost a battle. I will have died and it will suck, but life will go on. Cue the Circle of Life song from the Lion King. I will see you all again on the flip side that I believe is heaven. It is okay to cry for me as that is a normal reaction. I cry at hallmark movies.

But then: Choose Joy. Live life. Find things that make your soul sing. Be happy. Be kind. Complete acts of service. Volunteer. Adopt a pet from the animal shelter. Make moments intentional. Do good and be the good. That is all. Simple.

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