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We all have baggage. Life experiences that shape who we are as human beings. We all are ever changing and growing.  As humans we are damn resilient and adaptable. My baggage is not more important than yours, because, well it is your stuff.  To you it is very important and can affect you to your core. I know what that is like, for example a few years ago we got the dreaded LICE. Oh my goodness I thought life was going to end. I was so disgusted that this was in my house and I could hardly sleep until I got it gone.  We spent a lot of money to get it gone. What I wouldn't give to have lice instead of cancer. Things that use to create stress in my life don't as much anymore. It is all relative now.  My perception has definitely shifted because I am living with cancer. However, just because my normal has shifted and my worries are different does not mean that I don't want to hear about or help support you with your stuff. I have space for you. Your stuff is not stupid or less.  It is just your stuff.  You can feel it as deep as I feel my cancer as it is relative to your perception and life experiences. Don't be afraid to share. I won't judge. I like hearing about you and helping if I can. I want to be treated as normal as possible. I am still the same person. I would never trivialize your stuff and I really want you to continue to share your stuff with me.

In fact, I think I am better at saving space to be there to support others. I realize that I can't fix it. Whatever 'IT' is. Because, well..... I can't fix me. But I can be with you and listen. I can support you and let you know that you are not alone.  That your voice is heard. That it will be okay, even if it does not feel that way. That I can pray for you and with you. Isn't that what we all want? To be loved, heard and accepted, without judgement. Sometimes it is hard. I want to fix everything. Give suggestions and tell you what to do or what I would do. I want to make it better. Sometimes that is not what is really needed and I am learning that. Check out this article on Holding Space by Heather Plett. The first part is a bit heavy; but very real. If that is not your thing scroll down and at least check out the 8 tips for holding space for others. Overall, it is a great read. Remember, I have space for you.

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