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What am I doing to prepare for the least desirable outcome.....hint, hint it starts with a D.  This does not make me a pessimist nor is it a self fulling prophecy this is a healthy way to prepare in the face of a terminal illness. I like to think of it as the items in my fall out shelter. First, I am trying to get caught up on my scrapbooks. I have moved from paper scrapbooks to digital as they are faster to create and I can do it from the comfort of my recliner without all the mess and extra space. I do miss working with my hands; cutting the pictures and paper but the satisfaction of a completed album in a shorter amount of time is worth it. Second, I have purchase some cards for my kids for the big occasions: sweet 16, driving, high school graduations, college graduations, marriage, and babies; to name a few.  I have yet to write in them. But a Hallmark store was going out of business and it felt right to grab up some cards. Of course, the hope and prayer is that I will be here to give my children these cards. If not, they will know that I love them, I am always thinking of them and watching over them.

Third, I have been journaling to my children. This is how I spend some of my time while I have my every three week infusions. I write to them about what they are currently doing, things they are into, funny things they say and I share a story of my childhood during that same age.  I try to impart wisdom, humor and of course joy. Also in the same notebook I have been writing some of our family traditions that they may want to continue, a list of fun adventures I want my kids to have and family recipes. Fourth and fifth. Some of the drier, boring items in the fallout shelter BUT very important is, of course, creating a will and deciding my advance directives. Shh, I haven't done it yet, but I will. Sixth, I think I will create some of my celebration of life plans to save my family the burden and really; let me total transparent......So the celebration is the way I want it.  That is the type A in me. Seventh, leaving some treasures. I am going to buy each child a special ornament. Ornaments are family tradition, My husband attached my engagement ring to an ornament so I want them to have a special one to remember me by. Eighth, An idea that I got from one of my fb groups is to create a baby box for grand kids.  So I will load a box up with an outfit, a special toy and other knick knacks as I love babies and this is my professional niche. There are definitely things that will be needed that only a professional grandma can provide.

Finally, the most important tool in the fall out shelter is all the people I am leaving behind. I will be assigning my village tasks to help my children and husband in my absence. For example, My sister will be in charge of my Great Grandma's ring until my daughter is 21 and mature/responsible enough for the ring.

I am truly blessed that I have this time to prepare to leave a legacy for my children and leave special notes and trinkets for my love ones. Others who die unexpectedly are not given this opportunity. I am in an unusual situation and I am rolling with it for better or worse. Preparedness to me is peaceful. It makes me feel less anxious of my future. See my blog For Hope Sake to understand my point of view a bit clearer.

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