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SO things began a bit heavy.  Life can be heavy.  But really most days I feel great.  In January I set some goals for myself on my vision board. A way to focus my energy and to set my intention for the year.  Eight months into the year I am happy to say that I am crushing my goals.  Some are on going goals such as the walking, limiting sugar and eating more vegetables. But I have met the most important goal. I have become NEAD (no evidence of active disease), I have found some support groups. I continue to look for other stage 4 women that are local in order to have some face to face support. I have met 3 beautiful women and I want to add to our numbers. I have met with a naturopathic doctor and was very impressed with his ideas and suggestions. And I have tried Reiki. Looks like I need to book an acupuncture appointment.  I hate needles but I have heard wonderful things about acupuncture helping with the effects of my infusions. Stay tuned, sounds like a good blogging topic. I also need to get to yoga and of course the goal I am sure my children want me to fulfill would be the trip to Disney. We love Disney this would probably be my second happiest place on earth. Time to start saving our pennies.


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