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Well. I did it. I was able to cross another activity off my list of goals. See blog Crushing my Goals. I am super proud of myself. I HATE needles. In the past I would avoid them at any cost and got queasy at the thought of a blood draw. Now I am an old pro. Blood draws are nothing but a thing. I heard about the many benefits of acupuncture so I thought I would give it a whirl. I am not sure how relaxing having needles poked all over me would be; but if it would have some sort of benefit to my health, I have got to give it a try. The acupuncturist was very knowledgeable. She took a through history and felt she could help boost my immune system, help with fatigue and  my overall well-being.

When it was time to get on the table I was a bit nervous but faith not fear, a few deep breaths and I was good to go. The needle placement to the ears smarted a bit but otherwise I really did not feel them going in. I asked her how many needles she placed and she said, "As many as you needed."  Ha! I guess she was nervous that I might freak out if I knew the exact number.  I am guessing about 30-40. Once the needles are placed she leaves the room so you can zen out and the needles do there thing.  I get a door bell to press in case I need her.  There is a cool mobile to watch and I count the pieces, 36. She returns after 20-25 minutes, removes the needles and I am on my way. I left feeling fine. I wish I had some sort of epiphany. She says it needs to be done weekly initially to have lasting effects.  I ended up in the hospital 3 days later. I am sure totally unrelated but that distracted me from observing my zen feelings about acupuncture. Will I try it again?  Not sure.  I am pretty happy with my other complimentary therapies. Check out my blog post My arsenal to read about what I currently do. I think my money is better spent with the other things that I enjoy such as reflexology and Tai massage. But now I know that I am brave enough and can do acupuncture. I have it in my back pocket if it is needed in the future. It is always good to try new things.  Even things that scare you.

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