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Platitude Attitude Good Bye 2020

Platitudes: a remark or statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful.

Here is my soap box full of platitudes. I, myself, think it is interesting and thoughtful and worthy of saying out loud to the universe. But, I also know that I have heard it 100 times and always swear that I will do better and perhaps I do better for a week or month but then I fall back into old comfy habits. I don't want to bother people. Every one has their own stuff.  Am worth it?......okay here it goes........

PLEASE for all the is good and holy reach out to your loved ones. Your family and friends. Tell them what they mean to you. Impart ANY advice you have. BE a bother. Don't wait. Life is too short.

The end can totally sneak up on you and I am here to tell you that it does not look like the movies. You always will think you have more time and that is great! We all pray for more time. Our teens think they are invincible. We all think it can't happen to us.

But this year I have lost so many women to MBC, for some it happen so quickly. Others are currently entering hospice and death is moving like a semi truck with no brakes. But don't put off what you always wanted to say. Or what you have always wanted to do. What are you waiting for??? I have said this before, I don't have a bucket list of regrets. If you want to do something go do it What are you waiting for???? Now, to some this may feel uncomfortable, to share your feeling or thoughts, but the more you do it the more comfortable you will feel. It also may feel over whelming to reach out to SO many friends and family, if you have a large circle. So here is my may not sit well with everyone......... and I am still processing it myself.....but it might be time to tighten up your circle. Tighten up my circle??? What does that mean??? People come into our lives for a reason and sometimes a season. It is okay if the reason/season ends. It's okay to have Facebook friends that it never goes farther than enjoying their post AND perhaps people that you once hung out with move into your virtual social circle. Then think about people who may not align with who you are now. Perhaps they are toxic and you always wonder why you put yourself in that position. Don't. Stop. If it doesn't serve you then let the friendship go. This includes family too. Tighten up that circle of friends and family. Create authentic relationships and bare your soul. Tell people you love them. Give them ALL your wisdom. Feel good when you lay your head on your pillow at night that your life is a life worth living and that your circle knows how much they are loved and thought of by you. Because life is fleeting and you never know when it will end. Unfortunately, the end of life does not look like it does in the movies.

It's hard and messy.

So why not say all you need to say now.

Then you can sit in comfortable silence, enjoying the connection knowing nothing was left unsaid or needs to be said. This doesn't mean that there won't be things to say but it means there won't be this sense of urgency to tie up loose ends.

PSA interlude with my Platitude Attitude........This also means make sure you have your Will, Living Trust, and end of life plans all set up, now. Right now. Don't wait. You won't want to focus on all the legal mumbo jumbo when you are trying to come to terms that life on earth is coming to an end. You want to protect your children and make sure your assets are secure.

My final thought......this one is hard to write. It is in my inner most thoughts and I replay in my mind so I am and so I am just going to put it out there.........

If you don't see me now. If WE don't make an effort to be there for each other right now. If we don't talk and hang out RIGHT NOW..........

When I enter hospice please don't think you need to come see me now that the end is near.

I will need all my energy for those who mean the most. I know that's harsh but death is messy and as I see others lives ending way too soon. It makes me want to control how the end goes for me. Right or wrong......this is where I am at........

SO as 2020 is wrapping up. A very strange year. Clean house. Tighten up your circle. And....LIVE LIFE with abandonment, with authenticity, with joy. Bare your soul and make sure the ones you love know that they are very loved. Don't wait. Live in the moment. See, total platitudes.

In loving memory of Rhonda Brewer, We will take it from here.

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1 Comment

Jan 02, 2021

I cannot tell you how this blesses me. I am a retired Hospice Nurse Case Manager. This is the essence of what my life has been about since hospice taught me so much more about life. I thank you so much for your beauty, for sharing your heart, and for teaching the luving how to REALKY live, until we die. And of course, how it is that life really does not need to end...that life in Jesus changes, but doesn't simply stop. Thank you. Are you OK with me sharing your blog posts? Your words are exactly what I try to share and your perspective is so poignant. Let me know, if you are able, how you feel about this…

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